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Sentence stress exercises + audio University of Hong Kong Sentence stress through drama EFL Resource Limerick dictation word stress game Elemental English Stress & rhythm in American pronunciation – video lesson Designer Lessons I didn’t say we should kill him!” – Intonation, Sentence Stress and Murder Video. by Carlosjgurdian.
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  • In English words with two or more syllables, one syllable will always have stress.
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  • Word stress, also called lexical stress, is an important suprasegmental feature in English because it determines so many other aspects of pronunciation.
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    Word Types & Position.

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    Word Stress worksheets and online activities.

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  • Listen to the speaker stress a particular word and understand how this can illustrate the speaker's attitude.
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    A word can only have one stress.

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    B1-B2 5–10 minutes; Independent More word stress.