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I though 13 is the devil's dozen. For the fourth year in a row, Krispy Kreme is honoring graduates the sweetest way they can.
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  • It is called a 'gross.
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  • --(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2023-- Krispy Kreme ® will celebrate the Class of 2023 with a FREE Original Glazed® dozen and an all-new “Dough-ploma” on Wednesday, May 24.
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    There are twelve pairs of ribs in the human body – normally.

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    A carpenter's ruler has 12 subdivisions, grocers deal in dozens and grosses (12 dozen equals a gross), pharmacists and jewelers use the 12 ounce pound.

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    Have the proper gear.

  • 6 half a dozen 12 a dozen 13 a baker's dozen 20 a score 144 a gross (12 dozen) 1728 a great gross (12 gross) In metric measurement, the most important number is ten.
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