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04: 149. 1000 milligrams.
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  • Thus, the volume in fluid ounces is equal to the weight in ounces divided by 1.
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    If you’re putting this on a food label, you have to say that your 5 fl oz is the equivalent of 150 ml.

  • Please use the appropriate variation from the list below.
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    125 (conversion factor).

  • 00: 147.
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  • fl oz mL; 5.
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    0338140227 fl oz (US) 2 mL: 0.

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    5735296875 ml To convert 5 fluid ounces into milliliters we have.

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    The common rule of thumb you’ve likely heard is the 8×8 rule: Drink eight 8-ounce cups of water a day.